Marita T-Seca

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Marita T-Seca is a new tea concept that works as a 14-day program. This slimming kit will help you in that difficult task of reducing measures in order to lose weight.

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A tradition of millennial teas brewed in Sri Lanka, using natural ingredients with a history of use in Ayurvedic and Western medicines.

This weight loss kit will help you in the difficult task of food re-education in order to lose weight.


Morning - 30 minutes after the first meal

Increases brain function;
Increases fat metabolism;
Turmeric: Antioxidant
Ginger: Anti-inflammatory


Afternoon - 30 minutes before the midday meal

Appetite suppression and weight loss support;
Goji: Antioxidant
Cranberry: Prevents Infections


Night - 30 minutes after the last meal

Chamomile and Mint help improve sleep quality and relaxation;
Maintains blood sugar levels and helps digestion.

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