Quem Somos



Marita Network is a company working with direct sales of healthy products that offer health and quality of life to its consumers.

Founded by Nilson Odorizzi in 2010, it is headquartered in Balneário Camboriú, South Brazil.

What differentiate us form other companies is our interest in helping people to reach their dreams and our vision to value people over profits, believing that our success will come from loving and helping others. We encourage all our distributors, executives, and investors to adopt this idea.

Marita Network offers a unique business model of e-commerce and rewards system that generates earnings from purchases and can be redeemed into your credit account or used for future online orders. Our Marita independent distributers make purchases directly from our company and resell these products for a suggested price. Currently, our selling force has more than 300,000 members.

All our distributors have a flexible work schedule and depending on how much they work, their earnings can grow up to 130% profit from sales.

Currently, our company is one of the largest direct sales companies in the segment of functional food and drinks. We provide many opportunities for our selling force and distributors by offering to them a solid career plan.



To offer products of high quality that provide health and quality of life, in order to create a chance for prosperity for many people around the globe.



To become the largest selling website in EU, offering products and services with excellence, and to become an important source of extra income for our costumers.



Loving what we do

Helping others to achieve success

Being transparent and professional

Committing to every agreement we make

Being operational excellent as a competitive differential